Union Forage All Brassica Blend
This blend is designed as a combination of our 4 premium brassica varieties. This blend provides flexibility to be used in combination with cereals, annual grasses (cereals/Italian rye), annual legumes, and even warm season grasses as required in each specific pasture blend. See our crop guide for more details.
WINFRED Kale/Turnip Cross
GOLIATH Forage Brassica

HUNTER Turnip/Asiatic Leaf Veg

GRAZA Forage Radish

Annual Blends

Ultimate Annual Mix
See our crop guide for more details.
GRAZA Forage Radish
WINFRED Forage Brassica
HUNTER Forage Brassica
GREEN SPIRIT Annual Italian Ryegrass


Hairy Vetch
Crimson Clover

Union Swath Grazing Mix
This mix simply and efficiently complements the swath graze system developed in Western Canada. Two Forage Brassicas, bred from New Zealand through advances in plant breeding, offer a high biomass production of up to 10,000lb. DM/ACRE — of quality grazing, in winter, as either swath or standing crop. See our crop guide for more details.
GOLIATH Forage Rape
HUNTER Leafy Turnip

Sod Buster Turnip


Union “Relay” Mix
This annual blend combines the quality of forage Brassicas with two forage cultivators: high biomass and warm season. The ‘relay’ concept allows for a crop of hay or silage and then a subsequent crop, for grazing or winter cover. See our crop guide for more details.
HUNTER Forage Brassica
WINFRED Forage Brassica

Italian Rye Grass

Hairy Vetch

When you grow more you leave more for the soil; when you leave more for the soil, you capture wealth.

Annual Blends

Union Forage Green Feed Relay Mix
This blend is designed to dry down quickly in the cereal to be baled and to provide regrowth for grazing after the green feed crop has been harvested.
GREEN SPIRIT Italian Ryegrass

Hairy Vetch

​Italian Ryegrass

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Annual cropping systems provide flexible grazing biomass (especially when perennial pasture is limited due to increased need or reduced production capacity) and complement perennial systems by extending the grazing season. Annual options can also provide multiple grazing systems and single stockpile productions.

Brassicas are a leading component of annual cropping systems. They have a legacy of use for soil development and can improve organic matter as well as act as a bio-fumigant. The fast growth potential for our annual blends can provide a relay crop use after cereal silage, in effect, allowing a second forage crop under irrigation.

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