At Union Forage, we offer a complete support system to extend the duration and quality of grazing for all growing regions in Canada - annual grazing systems for summer growth and winter stockpile for irrigation and dryland production. Our strategic partnerships with leading global forage researchers provides years of practical agronomic and technical advice from around the world.

At our core we have both annual and perennial seed mixtures to fit your locale and stock. These mixtures incorporate proprietary cultivars developed specifically for palatability, biomass production, and most importantly, for profit. When regrowth is capitalized, the soil biota benefits from increased soil carbon, water, and nutrient cycling. When you grow more, you leave more for the soil. When you leave more for the soil, you capture wealth.

Use more sunlight – it’s free! Tap into the inherent wealth of your soil, complement your low cost perennial pasture, lower your cost of production per acre, and capitalize on regrowth potential. Livestock grazing is the most efficient use of direct sunlight. In managed grazing, the animal’s rumen links sustainability and profit.


We offer proprietary plant material of both designations, bred for palatability, regrowth potential, and high biomass production. 


Our mixes include far more species than traditional forage seed blends, giving pastures the advantage of different plant growth habits and offering animals a variety of feeds close together. 


The cool season portfolio extends feed quality into the summer. Cool season plants are defined by a higher digestible energy and slower summer growth. Warm season plants are defined by their higher biomass production in temperatures above 25 degrees celsius. The warm season portfolio offers higher digestibility and lower lignin, with biomass production.

We are unique in offering specalized annual forages such as plantain, brassicas, frost-tolerant Italian ryegrass and sorghums developed in New Zealand and in Holland. 

The brassicas, relatives of canola and turnips, are quick-growing — forage rape reaches full size in 40 days — frost tolerant, and thrive in the short and shortening days of fall.


Some, like forage rape and grazing turnups, freeze green and don’t lose nutrients when the mature plants freeze. Brassicas and sorghums seeded in early spring can produce a couple of months early for mid-summer grazing and then regrow to provide more grazing in fall. A frost early in the year doesn’t hurt brassicas and should there be a drought, or other type of stress - they wait until conditions improve and then take off again. 



PGG Seeds

 PGG Seeds is a distributor of top performing proprietary forage products. PGG Wrightson seeds, the parent of PGG Seeds, has been a world leader in development of cultivars for pastoral farming for over 150 years. This is proprietary certified seed encompassing brassicas, forbs, legumes, and grasses. Research and development is driven by animal performance. PGG Seeds Forage Brassicas are known throughout North America for their ease of establishment, biomass production, and palatability.  


 Union Forage is partnered with Barenbrug to bring you the best in perennials. Barenbrug has a century long history of forage breeding at its multiple breeding stations around the world. These breeding stations are strategically placed to cover various climatic zones in different parts of the world. Even more importantly, a large network of locations is established where forage germplasm is evaluated for performance.  


Nutrisource is more than just feed; it's a family. As a family, Nutrisource is committed to delivering consistently high-quality product and customer service to their family of farms and customers. When you choose Nutrisource for your feed, management and forage needs on your dairy farm, you are welcomed to a network of dedicated feed specialists, consultants, sales reps and fellow farmers who care about your success and bottom line.

FP Genetics

FP Genetics is owned by over 160 local seed growers. FP Genetics prides itself in bringing the best genetics and highest quality seed to produce the most profitable crops for the Canadian Farmer. FP Genetics is pleased to partner with Union Forage to bring a new and exciting technology with Brasetto Hybrid Fall Rye to the forage business.  Hybrid Fall Rye was developed by KWS in Germany and has been very successful in adoption throughout Europe. Through partnership with KWS, FP Genetics is able to bring Hybrid Fall Rye genetics to Canada to provide you with improved products for forages.