While housing millions of microbes in a nutrient cycling ecosystem, healthy soil filters and stores water. This reduces the impact of flooding and drought.


Micorrhizal fungi plays an important role in soil health. These fungi seek out phosphates and other nutrients to bring back to the plants. They also connect plants together, allowing for a nutrient exchange among them. Micorrhizal fungi protects plants from fungal diseases and other root-feeding micro organisms, all while producing glomalin, which is important in creating soil structure and increasing space for air and water.

The ownership team at Union Forage is committed to delivering solutions to our customers in the forage and hay production business. We collaborate with experts in plant breeding to bring you certified cultivars that will meet your unique needs. We have a depth of experience in the application of rotational grazing, swath grazing, electric fencing, and the use of stock piled forages to reduce winter feeding days and increase productivity. In fact, the Union Forage ownership group own and/or manage ranches across the prairies that graze 3,000 cows and 10,000 yearlings on 40,000 acres.  We can relate to your challenges!



  • ensure minimal to zero soil disturbance. 

  • keep soil covered with soil armour.

  • keep roots growing in the soil as long as possible. 

  • increase plant diversity and crop rotations

  • integrate livestock.