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Canada's Forage Seed Innovator

Union Forage

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about us

At Union Forage, we offer a complete support system to extend the duration and quality of grazing for all growing regions in Canada - annual grazing systems for summer growth and winter stockpile for irrigation and dryland production. Our strategic partnerships with leading global forage researchers provides years of practical agronomic and technical advice from around the world.

At our core we have both annual and perennial seed mixtures to fit your local and stock. These mixtures incorporate proprietary cultivars developed specifically for palatability, biomass production, and most importantly, for profit. When regrowth is capitalized, the soil biology benefits from increased soil carbon, water, and nutrient cycling. When you grow more, you leave more for the soil. When you leave more for the soil, you capture wealth.

Use more sunlight – it’s free! Tap into the inherent wealth of your soil, complement your low cost perennial pasture, lower your cost of production per acre, and capitalize on regrowth potential. Livestock grazing is the most efficient use of direct sunlight. In managed grazing, the animal’s rumen links sustainability and profit.


Annual  Blends & Varieties

Perennial Blends & Varieties

Irrigation & Moisture Region Blends & Varieties

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