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“Pastoral Farming” integrates crops and livestock into a sustainable and profitable system. Annual grazing crop rotations are an important aspect of this system. Annuals or “short rotation” crops extend quality grazing, as they produce large amounts of biomass. 

These crops also act as a “break crop,” for interruption of disease and/or weed cycles in both conventional crops and perennial pasture.

These annual blends are made up of nutrient dense brassicas like Hunter Leaf Turnip, Winfred Forage Rape, Goliath Forage Rape, and Graza Forage Radish, all of which have been selected for their rapid growth, grazing tolerance, and nutrient density. In addition, we include annual legumes like Hairy Vetch, Crimson Clover and others for their nitrogen fixing properties. 

It should be noted that these mixes are recommended based on the experience of the our advisors and technical team. However, they are never limited. You can always include other seeds known to perform well in your area into the mix. 

Always call us to discuss your objectives and your planned seeding rates.

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