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seed coatings

Seed coatings like Yellow Jacket and Super G protect the seed and attract and hold moisture to ensure seedling establishment.  These coatings may also include micro nutrient packs and a fungicide to ensure early plant health.  Colour is added to help you more easily establish seed depth.


Legumes in Union Forage seed blends are coated and inoculated with rhizobium, the nitrogen fixing organisms that live in a symbiotic relationship with the plant roots.  Nitrogen fixing rhizobium increase soil fertility for future crop rotations and provide nutrients to support the grasses usually grown in combination with legume annual and perennial pasture forages.


Union Forage Super G and Barenbrug Yellow Jacket coatings are also inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi which directly infects plant roots.  90% of plant species benefit from the symbiotic relationship with mycorrhizal fungi which provide them with soil derived nutrients like Phosphate and Zinc. The plant returns the favour by providing the fungi with it's sole source of nutrition in the form of liquid carbon sugars.


yellow jacket coating

Barenbrug is an international leader in innovative seed coatings. Its scientists are involved in research facilities world-wide to further enhance seed coating technology and bring solutions to the forage industry. Yellow Jacket seed coating is available exclusively on all Barenbrug products. 

Yellow Jacket is a proprietary seed coating containing a totally natural product made from starch. This active ingredient in Yellow Jacket holds up to 600 times its weight in water and nutrients.

Research at New Mexico State University, North Carolina State University, and Texas A&M has proven that seed coated with Yellow Jacket established faster under less water and produced more forage than uncoated seed.

Yellow Jacket seed assures seeding establishment under dry land conditions where irrigation is not available and provides higher yields while preserving our precious water resources.


Yellow Jacket is like having an absorbent sponge or water reservoir around each individual seed. Once water is applied or moisture is available from rain, the coating holds both moisture and nutrients around the seed, making it available as needed for germination and establishment. Without Yellow Jacket, raw seed can quickly dry out, resulting in a need for more frequent irrigation or reliable rains.

super G seed coating

Super G Seed Coating includes: a super absorbent to absorb moisture and aid in germination, micro nutrients including zinc to provide instant fertilizer which will be readily available for early growth, mychorriza fungi depending on the seed blend, nitrogen fixing rhizobium in the legume blends, apron fungicide, and finally, a green colorant to aid in confirming proper seed depth.

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